Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Solar Panels?

What is the right price for a solar energy system? Well, the answer is not that simple. Pricing a system depends upon home’s condition, electrical requirements, designing the appropriate system size to cover your current energy usage in a given area and then taking the quality of the products and accessories into account – is not possible with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. A rooftop solar system really does need to be tailored to every customer specifically to have the best possible value and return for that specific household or business. So, you should never buy from a retailer advertising cheap solar.


You get what you pay for in this industry and the safety of your home and family should not be put at risk. Solar installation is a long-term investment with promising savings, compromising on the quality of solar panels to save up right now is going to cost dearly in future.

Have you heard of ‘seasonal frogs’, or ‘barsati mendak’? These terms are given to individuals who sell cheap solar systems, low-quality panels & inverters paired with dodgy electrical work which puts your home, your money and your life at risk. Such individuals aim to profit from a growing industry instantly, and are never committed with you or the industry for a long-term.

Since the initial boom of solar PV during 2015  there have been thousands of solar companies/individuals which listed their services as “Professional Solar Solution Providers”. Fortunately, they did not last more than a few months before going out of business due to their incompetency. Always trust the companies which have been out there in the harsh markets for a long time, like MaxGreen Energy.

When looking for the right solar retailer you should be considering:

  • Are you being priced correctly for a high quality & safe system + installation?
  • Has the company been in business long enough to honour the warranty?
  • Has the company got all essential services & after-sales care teams housed right here in Australia?
  • Has the company got a track record for quality & safety?
  • What do the reviews of this comapny look like online?
  • Can you reach all of the company’s public social profiles and website easily – do they look legitimate?
  • Can you call all of their listed phone numbers and reach an actual person?
  • Can you contact them in more than one way, ie – phone, email, social media, website chat?
  • Have you simply done a Google search for the company and read about them? Can you find anything at all [(f you can’t find anything written about this company– that’s also something to be aware and concerned about)?

The legitimacy and history of the company is something that we suggest you review thoroughly, before you spend your hard-earned money on a dodgy company and solar installation that could potentially harm your loved ones.

Remember – If you buy cheap – you buy twice!

At MaxGreen Energy we want to provide our customers with a real understanding of the solar industry and the things to be aware of. We are also appalled by some of the horrible tactics of a few but our aim is to educate Pakistan’s population on how to avoid the pain of going forth with a system install to only have to do it again. We pride ourselves on making solar simple and being 100% transparent with our customers. If you have any concerns at all – please feel free to reach out at any time through our contact us page, we’d be happy to answer our questions.

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