What’s the Best Direction for Solar Panels to Face?

In the past, there was only one answer to the question, “What’s the best direction for solar panels to be pointed?” In the Northern Hemisphere, that direction was south. Because the sun shines directly over the equator most of the time, south-facing solar panels have an opportunity to collect more sunlight and generate more solar energy.

Every house has a different orientation to the sun, so every solar installation presents its own opportunities and challenges. The trick is to install the solar panels in a way that not only collects the most sunlight but collects it in a way that strategically helps the homeowner save on their electricity bills.

South-facing solar panel orientation collects the most energy around mid-day when there’s lots of sun. But that’s also when the home’s consumption is typically lowest because everyone’s off to work, school, etc. That means there’s lots of solar-generated power left to go back to the utility.

But not all homes have a southern orientation, even if they did there are plenty of other variables that can affect which direction solar panels should face.

Our MaxGreen team will first survey your home for obstacles – like trees, overheads, power lines or taller buildings – that could block sunlight from reaching your solar panels. A home facing a less-than-optimal direction or sun-blocking obstacles can still produce plenty of solar power, but it may take more solar panels than a roof with a great orientation and no obstacles at all.

Our installation team is up to date on local rules and regulations that can have a big impact on solar panel direction. These regulations might affect a homeowner’s ability to take advantage of net metering, among other things.

Solar panel efficiency makes an enormous difference in planning an optimum solar installation. 

Placing solar panels around all the obstructions on a roof can be complex, but our experts makes it simple. Our software allows the homeowner to be involved in their own design, understanding how many panels will fit and the best places for them to go.

Investing in solar power can help you to save money in long-term as well as it is safer for the environment. Let an experienced MaxGreen expert point your family in this exciting new direction!

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