How to Get More Value out of your Solar System?

Generating electricity from the sun is absolutely free, the technology that is required for the process is certainly not. Solar panels are nothing but an investment, just like a property, which has an upfront cost but eventually pays off in long term.

The installation of solar panels in your residence can be compared to a small construction project with each module consisting of multiple parts to make everything run smoothly. So, how do you ensure that taking a chance on clean, green, smart energy solutions will be worthwhile?

There are four key areas to evaluate when determining which solar panel provider will be the right fit for you. These factors can make or break the value of a solar system and also determine the worth of making such an investment.

  1. Degradation
    An investment is only good for the lifetime of the item being invested in. While homeowners should choose durable solar modules, there is one important factor that can be easily overlooked. Degradation is the rate at which a solar panel loses its production capabilities over time. Because solar panels sit on top of a homeowners’ roof, they are exposed to various types of weathering and temperature changes. These changes can cause the solar panels to expand and contract, adding stress to the cells inside. Conventional solar cells often crack and break under the pressure, leaving them to produce less energy over time. MaxGreen procured solar cells are made differently. Designed with a durable copper backing to prevent damage, they are better positioned to withstand the factors that often cause conventional solar panels to degrade at a quicker rate. When it comes down to it, MaxGreen solar panels last longer, providing homeowners with decades of high-efficiency solar energy;
  2. Warranty
    Not all warranties are created equal. To truly protect your solar investment, you need to ensure your solar equipment is fully covered. Sure, some companies might have a decent-looking warranty at first glance but solar companies come and go. If a company goes out of business, the warranty will become void and that’s not helpful for anyone. To feel truly confident that your investment is covered, you should choose a company that stands the test of time.
    MaxGreen covers a 12-year replacement warranty and 25 years of performance warranty for panels. Homeowners don’t have to worry about going to various manufacturers to get their solar system fixed, they only need to rely on one company – MaxGreen.
  3. Efficiency
    When it comes to saving money, solar panel efficiency matters. MaxGreen has the most efficient panels on the market and requires less rooftop space to meet a homeowner’s energy needs. With the ability to trap even the slightest sunlight, many homeowners have found that their solar systems have produced enough energy to have serious rupees saved off their electricity bills.

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the cost of a solar system is just one part of the equation. Homeowners that take the time to truly identify what makes a solar system valuable will reap the biggest benefits. And they don’t have to figure this out on their own. One thing that makes MaxGreen unique is that they work directly with homeowners to design and install solar systems that will fully meet a home’s energy needs. We can ensure that you are taking full advantage out of your solar panels. To get a free quotation and a feasibility plan, feel free to contact us.

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