How to Avoid Solar Scammers?

A large number of people are taking a keen interest to find out more about solar energy the kind of savings it offers. Unfortunately, many con-artists exploit this scenario and have designed schemes that can turn the dreams of people, interested to go for Green Energy, into a nightmare!

Unlike making an investment in a car or a house, most customers have no experience at all with photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, especially in Pakistan. The further technicalities like Off-Grid or On-Grid systems mean it can be hard to differentiate a reputable solar company from a scammer. Some are charming sales representatives who come to the door. Others might unleash a tornado of phone calls, emails and advertisements to catch your attention. Scams revolving around new emerging technologies is not uncommon for a busy city like Karachi, and solar systems are the most emerging technological advancements in major cities of Pakistan.

When it’s done right, switching to PV solar systems can save customers money on their power and reduce their carbon footprint. Avoiding solar power scams and enjoying these benefits is not difficult, but it does require vigilance.

Here are some tips for you to avoid such scammers:

  1. Get References – Check the company’s track record. How long have they been in business? Do they have a physical address and not just a website or a phone number? Talk to customers who’ve had installations done by that company. Sometimes a simple online search will turn up valuable information or The Company you pick should have more positive reviews than negative ones. MaxGreen Energy is recognized as having the most comprehensive warranty in the solar industry and the highest customer satisfaction rates as compared to other competitors in the industry. Watch for people posing as utility or government workers – Solar panel fraud often starts with people who pretend they’re workers at well-known companies or for the government.
  2. Never Start without a Contract – While some scammers pressure you to sign a contract right away, others pressure people to start work without signing any legal documents at all. Don’t let them. A reputable company will insist on a contract and will help you understand what it means for you. Also, don’t confuse a free estimate – which many good solar companies will provide – with an actual contract. Some shady companies give an estimate and act as if that is your contract. It’s not. Any contract you do sign should be easy to understand and have some legal bindings to it.
  3. Don’t sign anything right away – Scammers are masters of the hard sell. Their job is to get you to sign their contract now, Now!, NOW!!! Don’t let them bully you. Never sign anything until you’ve researched well about the company and its past reviews. Find out rates, ask hard questions about features, installation costs and payments. If an offer seems too good to be true, they probably are! Reputable companies like MaxGreen and its network of high-quality dealers have nothing to fear from your scrutiny. Take a close look until all your questions are answered.
  4. Don’t be pushed toward one type of financing – There are two main ways to finance solar systems: purchase or instalments. Each has advantages and disadvantages. A reputable company will be able to offer a range of financing options and can explain them transparently. Be sure to choose the type of financing which fits your financial situation and won’t hurt you long-term. Also, some solar panel scams come in the form of “free” solar panels. The panels are free, but they come in exchange for financing agreements that may hurt you over time.

If you’ve come across a solar scammer, call the police and get aid to catch them as soon as possible. Often, they can warn the authorities to help prevent such future scams.

PV solar system is an investment that will stretch over many years. The company that installs your system becomes a partner. Do your extensive research and avoid quick decisions, and that partner will become someone you want to work with for a very long term. Start your research on the perfect solar setup by checking out MaxGreen’s solar system requirement estimate.

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