Can a Solar System Reduce My Electricity Bill to Zero?

Can a solar system reduce my electricity bill to zero?

Either an on-grid system with/without battery back up or an off grid solar system with battery back up can produce zero electricity bills.

A solar system can generally make a substantial drop in a residential home electricity bill. Savings of many thousands of rupees a year are possible for residential power users and achieving a zero bill is possible depending upon the solar system size and power usage of the residents.

In Pakistan electricity produced though your solar system is either used instantaneously in the home, office or business or exported back to the power company through on-grid setup. This exported power will earn you a credit based on the feed-in-tariff the power company are offering. This rate is generally the same as the cost you pay for purchased electricity. So to get a zero bill you need to export around the same number of units you use plus a extra units to cover the fix charges of the bill.

In Pakistan, a zero electricity bill is mostly achievable in winters with locations having an adequate amount of sunlight. The reason being that in winters most house-holds are not using air-conditioners and ceiling fans, hence the consumption of electricity is fairly low. The areas like Karachi which still get adequate amount of sunlight in winters, helps to produce units to cover up the power-used through grid. Hence, the overall combined effect may lead to a zero electricity bill.

Massive financial savings can be made and very large and risk-free returns on investment are achieved by simply buying an adequate high quality solar system, reducing electricity bills drastically thanks to free solar power.

In case you want to learn more about getting your electricity bills reduced at home/office with free solar power, feel free to contact us.

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