MaxGreen Energy was found in 2018 with the aim to provide clean, green and smart solar solutions to the developing world through energy innovation.
We keep on innovating with our modules providing the best solutions available all around the world through constant research and devel opment for our services.

MaxGreen Energy is a customer-oriented energy company, growing at an unmatched pace every year. We have a diversified business portfolio which offers customized & smart PV solar solutions, net metering for solar projects, acquiring licenses for power plant developers from NEPRA, energy logics, energy audit and efficiency electrification of commercial and industrial entities, prepaid metering to our valuable clients.

Our mission

To provide clean, green and smart energy solutions to the world through constant innovation in products, services and supporting our employees to maintain remarkable services for our customers, while leading the way to the energy ladder.

Our Vision

To lead the energy sector by providing clean, green and smart energy solutions to the progressing world through latest inventions.